Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sguardi Sonori: audio-work featured

Eye contact with the city: sound installation with moving image

‘Eye contact with the city’ is a sound installation with video projection, produced in the occasion of  Bengaluru Artist Residency 2010, supported by India Foundation for the Arts.

The installation is an investigation in slowness in the context of the urban environment of Bangalore, and based on gathered audiovisual experiences in the three months of residency. These experiences are largely dominated by imagery of growth in the city while auditory perception is intruded by constant sound events from urban infrastructural development within an anticipation of indolence quite typical of Bangalore. 

Slowness is an attitude that involves a keen sense of time and history; found sounds that have been retrieved from the collected used-tapes at flea market and from personal archives, provide with an insight into the auditory memory of the city and samples of sonic layer for the work; the close slow-motion video projected within the installation space has been a methodology to accentuate listening by means of audiovisual augmentation and media convergence.

The work has received an Honorary Mention in the Digital Music/Sound Art category of PRIX Ars Electronica 2011 and has been released with Touch Music as an .m4v video for iPhone/iPod/iPad. 

audio excerpts: